Costa Rica

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I just got back from the beautiful country of Costa Rica, and it reminded me of the simple life. A life where you have what you need, days are long, and the mental pace is thoughtful and relaxed. We stayed in two places, Santa Teresa and Arenal. Santa Teresa is a surf town on the Pacific Ocean with gravel, dusty roads, no traffic lights, incredible sunsets, and a coastline without any high rises. When you are on the beach, you see the natural beauty of the area because any hotels are tucked back into the trees (gotta love trees on a beach). The hotel we stayed at, Playa Cielo, only had 4 villas and a laid-back restaurant on the sand. I finally got back on a surf board, and I cannot wait to go back. One day, we surfed into the sunset…and there’s nothing I enjoy more than being in water during sunset, whether it’s the lake, beach, pool. The water gets super silky…


Arenal is inland and is famous for its magnificent volcano. Although volcanic activity appears to be decreasing and explosions have become rare, Arenal Volcano is one of the ten most active volcanoes in the world. We stayed at a sustainable eco lodge, Rancho Margot, certified with a negative carbon footprint. They serve food from the garden, generate electricity, create biogas for cooking food, make soap from used cooking oil, and the hot water is produced by packing compost around coils filled with stream water. Our friends from LA, whom we met in Los Cabos, are what brought us to Costa Rica. They had a beautiful wedding at the ranch, wholly in tune with all of the elements of the earth, and we are grateful for all the new friends we now have.



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