in-vitro = taking place outside a living organism

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There is such a world called infertility, and it is a world of hope, faith, loneliness, tears, worry, and sometimes, beautiful moments. It is a world where you change and put everything on hold. For those of you who are going through it, I applaud you as it is not for everyone, though unexpected as it does come. Many think that infertility is always the woman, when in fact it is 30% female factor, 30% male factor, or 30% both or unknown. I never thought I would know as much as I do about the other side of having children, nor where all the conversations and tangents thereof will lead you to in such new territory. It is an unexplored world unless you have been through ART, Assisted Reproductive Technologies. My hope is that one day there will be more awareness in infertility, so women and couples don’t have to feel what they feel by themselves. I was lucky my cycles were filled with friends. But even with that said, there is a battle you have to face yourself where no one but you can defeat it. Call it faith, or a feeling, or something spiritual in nature. For me, with our last in-vitro cycle, I won this battle through the beauty and life in the trees and the moon and the sky. I just needed a little bit of stardust to begin a new life.

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